What Makes a Baby – part 2

February 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

I just finished the radio show.
What a delight to speak with Cory Silverberg! As usual, the time was too short (time to upgrade to a premium account and make the show longer!). So many things to talk about, he’ll have to come back another time to continue the conversation.

As I mentioned in my last blog, What Makes a Baby is a thoughtful book about just that – what makes a baby. Cory has thoughtfully written a book that creates the space for families of many kinds to talk to their children about “how they came to be in the world, in their community and in their family.” That quote was taken from Cory’s Reader’s Guide. Yes! A Reader’s Guide to help you think about the assumptions we carry around gender, and baby making, and families, and bodies, and about how you could answer some of the questions that come up when we read this book to our children.
Even more awesome is that you can download it for FREE!.

It’s nice to have a book that acknowledges queer families and that is just as intentional in it’s conception as our families are.

Thank you Cory!


ps – if you missed the show you can listen to the archive.
pps – you can pick up What Makes a Baby at your local independent bookstore, or online.


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