Things I wish I had asked my donor

May 14, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’m back!

Motherhood is a blast, but figuring out how to juggle everything I used to do, plus what I really want to do now (which is spend as much time as possible with my toddler) is tricky to say the least.

But talking about fertility stuff is still dear to my heart, so I’m back at it. Finally.

Not sure when the radio show will start again, but I’m working hard on a book about finding a donor as well as one on things I wish I had asked my donor – it’s a topic that pops up once in a while in my life (for all sorts of reasons, funny and not), and a topic people seem to want to know about.

So maybe the first show back over the summer will be about that.

But I’m thinking of running a podcast instead, so stay tuned!

All the new info will be on the website.



What Makes a Baby – part 2

February 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

I just finished the radio show.
What a delight to speak with Cory Silverberg! As usual, the time was too short (time to upgrade to a premium account and make the show longer!). So many things to talk about, he’ll have to come back another time to continue the conversation.

As I mentioned in my last blog, What Makes a Baby is a thoughtful book about just that – what makes a baby. Cory has thoughtfully written a book that creates the space for families of many kinds to talk to their children about “how they came to be in the world, in their community and in their family.” That quote was taken from Cory’s Reader’s Guide. Yes! A Reader’s Guide to help you think about the assumptions we carry around gender, and baby making, and families, and bodies, and about how you could answer some of the questions that come up when we read this book to our children.
Even more awesome is that you can download it for FREE!.

It’s nice to have a book that acknowledges queer families and that is just as intentional in it’s conception as our families are.

Thank you Cory!


ps – if you missed the show you can listen to the archive.
pps – you can pick up What Makes a Baby at your local independent bookstore, or online.

What Makes a Baby?

February 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

Tomorrow on my radio show – LGBT Fertility Journeys – I’ll be chatting with Cory Silverberg about his children’s book What Makes a Baby?
I’m really looking forward to speaking with Cory because I really love this book!

It’s a very thoughtful and inclusive way of introducing the topic in all of it’s vastness. Plus, for nervous parents, it comes with a guide!

Join me Saturday Feb. 1 at noon EST to hear my interview with Cory, and call in if you have a question!
If you miss it, you can always check out the archives.


Donor Egg and Donor Sperm

December 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

I just got off the air. What a great chat with Dahlia Riback about her fertility journey. As usual, there wasn’t enough time, so I’m really considering making the show longer.

Dahlia was gracious and spoke eloquently about her journey which included IVF, and then about her decision to use a donor egg and donor sperm. It wasn’t something that was suggested to her by the fertility clinic then, although it is more common now.  

What an interesting process. I learned a lot – for example, with egg donation, you can choose to meet the egg donor in some instances. And many egg donations are done “live” (as opposed to sperm which is usually frozen). So many things to consider. 

One of the things that really touched me today was when Dahlia said she felt like she was looking for someone the whole time. It’s so amazing that there was another option available to her, and that it worked! Dahlia now has a daughter. Happy ending.

Thank you so much Dahlia, it was a pleasure to have you as my guest. Again. 🙂

If you missed the show today, you can listen to the archive on my website

And hopefully soon we’ll also be in podcast form on iTunes.

Be well.


PS: no show in January, but on Feb. 1 I’ll be talking with Cory Silverberg about his book What Makes a Baby.

Support for those trying to get pregnant

November 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

My interview on Blogtalk today with Dahlia Riback about the (Still) Trying to get Pregnant group was an honour.

I started this group just before I got pregnant and I’m thrilled that it is still running.
Dahlia is thoughtful, has had a long fertility journey herself, and facilitates with so much compassion, it’s amazing.

It was great to chat with her and hear why this group is still so appreciated (by those just starting their journey and those deep in it),  and how important it is to have a group like this for LGBTQ folks. The issues around fertility are many, and many are universal, but some are not and it’s necessary to have a space like this to be able to talk about those as well. I sure wish I had started the group sooner in my journey!

If you missed the show, do not despair! You can listen to the archive.

Dahlia will be back next month to talk about her personal fertility journey.
I’m looking forward to chatting with her again.

If you have any topics you’d like to hear about on the show, send me your ideas in a comment. 
And check out the website: for upcoming shows as well as resources, including information about the group Dahlia facilitates here in Toronto. 

Until next month!


Support for those trying to get pregnant

October 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

Trying to get pregnant can be a lonely and frustrating time (among other things!)

If you’re trying (or still trying), please tune into my upcoming radio show on Saturday Nov. 2 at noon (EST) as I interview the facilitator of the (Still) Trying To Get Pregnant support group I founded here in Toronto.

If you can’t join us on Saturday, you can listen to the archived show.

p.s. It’s good to be back!

Third Trimester Revelations

September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

As my time being pregnant draws to a close, here are a few things about the 3rd trimester that make me laugh.

1. As my partner’s aunt said to me in the second trimester – ‘you’re washing your vulva by heart, right? Because you sure can’t see it!’ True. So trimming pubic hair is a feat of daring.

2. When I switch positions in bed (left side – right side) my belly doesn’t automatically come with me anymore. It’s like an entity all it’s own!

3. It’s true what they say, I am peeing often – but it’s not a lot. It’s strange to have that “I have to pee!” feeling, and then only be able to squeeze out a trickle. Hello baby taking up bladder space!